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  • We establish the payment method that best suits you.
  • Cancellation policy adapted to your needs.
  • Don't worry about the deposit, we manage it by credit card. If you want to manage it directly, no problem!
  • We manage the tourist tax if you wish.
  • We adapt to the type of guests that you want to enter your accommodation (only families and couples).
  • Without registering in any channel you will be visible in the most leading and well-known portals nowadays

  • If you wish, manage the house calendar as you wish, you are in control!

Price Agreement

Price Agreement

We agree the best price between us. We don't set the price, we advise and recommend with the experience of more than 20 years, or you tell us what price you want to charge, without fleeting expectations! 


We take care of everything, the entire property and your home with a professional photo report and a drone flight at no cost to you.
All the market at a click

All the market at a click

No worries and no work for you. We contract the best and most cutting-edge portals of today, we make a careful selection of the market continuously.
Guests at home

Guests at home

The registration of the guests, how to get to the house, the entrance, calls, messages... forget about it, we organise it! If you welcome them yourself, no problem!
Receive bookings instantly

Receive bookings instantly

You will receive instant bookings made through our secure online payment gateway system (PSD2 Payment Services eu Directive) on this website as with any of our integrated portals.


At Planet Villas we take full management of our clients from start to finish.
From the moment they ask us for the slightest information, until they leave the house and even after their departure, if for any reason, be it information, doubts, forgetfulness in the house or for any other reason.

It seems a complex subject... but Planet Villas, we make it as easy as possible, so much so that you don't have to do anything, we give it to you!

This law comes from the beginning of the 60's DECREE 1513/1959, OF AUGUST 18, that is to say from the beginning of tourism in Mallorca, and people over 16 years old (included) must register in any of the hotel establishments.
which was subsequently amended:
[Article 1 of Decree 393/1974, of 7 February (BOE no. 43), provides: The provisions of Articles 1 and 2 of Decree 1513/1959, of 18 August 1959, and other provisions issued for its development, shall apply to the rental of flats, bungalows and other similar tourist accommodation, regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Information and Tourism of 17 January 1967].

With the events of recent times, it was decreed under the pretext of the new law of citizen security, also reaffirms the registration of customers; In the Law 6/2017, of 31 July, amending the Law 8/2012, of 19 July, of tourism of the Balearic Islands, concerning the marketing of tourist stays in housing and in its article "Article 50, point 11. "The person marketing tourist stays must send the Directorate General of Police the information relating to the stay of the people staying in them, in accordance with the regulations on public safety".

These are the days of grace that cannot be booked before the day of arrival, making the reservation within those days.
For example if a tourist is making an online booking the day before arrival and we have 2 days of release set, the system will not let the tourist book immediately, the tourist must ask if it is possible to book, so it gives time to prepare the house for entry. The release is flexible and at the criteria of the owner and can be set as desired, 0 days release (implies that the customer can enter on the same day of entry), 1 day, 2 days...

Managing deposit at no cost to you. We take care of the deposit true a secure Creditcard payment system. The deposit will be returned within 5 working days after departure, when no damages or loss is caused.

What is the minimum stay? The minimum stay standard is 7 days in high season ( May till October). In low season (November to March) it is factible to offer a minim stay of 4-5 days to increase your occupancy and earnings. We can draw up in Planet Villas a plan for this at your convenience.

The check-in and check-out times for guests are fixed, i.e. they enter at/from 6pm and leave the house at 10pm. This is enough time to clean the house after a departure and to bring in new clients the same day.

We can also offer the client (if requested), to enter earlier as long as the house is ready or to leave later as long as no clients enter the house on the same day, all of this being possible and coordinated with the cleaning team.

It is compulsory for the owner. It is an annual tax (like Rubbish, Contribution, Sewerage..), with the exception that it can be passed on to the client by the owner.

We at Planet Villas make it extremely easy for you at no cost whatsoever, we can charge it to the client and pay it into your current account or you can charge it directly to the client as you wish!

Of course and at all times! We at Planet Villas deal directly with the owner and are in constant contact. We have a 24h phone number for any emergency for both the owner and the client!

In addition to email, whatsupp, telegram and social networks like instagram or facebook.


You will receive the agreed money as net and in your current account, without any further costs!!! administration fees, no additional vat, NO surprises!
Let's talk, we propose the best conditions for you, whether you live in Spain or abroad.

Of course! we provide you with a personal and exclusive Wapp, where you have access to the calendar of your house or houses!

From any device you have, where you will have free access to put your own reservations or remove them with a few simple steps, in addition to having the necessary customer data, statistics, overnight stays...